Pakistan 6 - Al-Fatihah

On the phone conversation at 6.40pm. PM=Project Manager
PM : Where are you?
Me : Still at site. Why?
PM : Tonight all activity will be cancel.
Me : What da hell!!! Are you crazy. I have to finish this, only one more activity!
PM : Do you know what happen just now?
Me : What ???
PM : Our x-PM ,Benazir just got killed at Rawalpindi(15 km away).Situation is very danger.I need you to go back to your hotel as soon as possible.And try to get tomorrow flight.Try to contact Lim too.
Me : ...(speechless)

No wonder all foreign engineer next to me keep talking about getting a flight ticket.
To all muslim, Al-Fatihah to Benazir. Peace. Prey for my safe journey home.

Transit - Suvarnabhumi 2

Again transit at BKK. Flight to KUL will be 0835 in the morning. Tired.

Pakistan 5 - Cool...

I did start to buy some winter cloth. Because it really cold for me. Base on Yahoo! Weather , today Islamabad temperature High: 14 Celcius Low:6 Celcius. And it just beginning of winter. Local Pakistani told me that it will be damn cool then this on January. But no snow in Islamabad. Some office already put heater to keep us warm. To Kampung boy like me + study at local varsity , it was excited lah. Bernafas pun keluar wap. Memang Jakun.

Thing not go smooth for my project. I have to push them, but since i not interested to push the customer. I always ask Project Manager to push them. But that normal for my career field.

Hope i could go home , naik moto , berenti bawah flyover sbb hujan and makan mee goreng mamak + telur mata . Or attached to another project. :P boring gila.