Daylight Saving Pakistan

What is daylight saving? Pakistan goverment decide to use daylight time again after previous trial on 2002. Which is fail result at that time. If you refer to the homepage, Pakistan,Morocco and Argentina try to implement day ligth saving start from this year ,2008. Why? Pakistan try to reduce energy usage during summer season. How? Google it la... takkan semua aku nak terang kan.(Aku sendiri tak faham sgt!!) But there is certain country yg matahari keluar awal or keluar lebih lama during summer. Which is , some chances to reduce electricity energy usage if they introduce dayligth saving. Betul ke idea aku nih?

My first experience on daylight saving was during last Sydney trip. Blur gila aa, but if you think closely, Malaysian hidup without daylight saving or forecast of storm. Actually we didnt face any changes around us like other country. So nothing to worry. This situation make our community are not alert to any changes of around us. Hmmmmm... Relek dok kat Malaysia nih. Kalau ada gempa bumi mau gugur durian slalu, rugi aa kalau gugur muda.

Apa kaitan daylight saving for me? Buat kerja aa, update server time. Coz Pakistan GMT+5 never been update in any system to have daylight saving slot.

Bahan Baca Ringkas 1

Gile malas nak menulis.There are some projects that i need to involve but since custoer not raise their PO yet,(finance diorg kemut) so i just stay here doing my Operation and Maintenance for local customer and oversea customer. Boring gila. I hate O&M. Boss also aask me to involve in installation of new equipment that i never heard and there is no site reference in this region. Terukkan? Asal boleh jual, masa belum beli semuanye manisss jee, dah selesai jual kerja aku lak pusing2. Tapi kisah apa kan, asalkan gaji masuk cukup aa. Padahal engineer ni tak tau camne nak handle mende alah tu . Harap boleh delay or divert to another engineer. So another try and error routine + google search activity for me.

Sydney 3

Some pictures to share, but no description since i got no time to type.Hehe.Malas beb. Berdasarkan keutamaanlah. Basically, i on the first week, i didnt go anywhere, focus on the project.Second weekend , three of us ronda-ronda to Fish Market,Darling hrbour,Circular Quay(Opera,Bridge,The Rock),Bondi beach ,Sun casino and also King Cross. Third weekend,only me left. So i went to Manly,Hyde Park and Blue Mountain that 2 hours train journey from Sydney .Tapi kecewalah, sebab kabus tebal.On my last day, the Australian celebrate Anzac day.So lucky to spend time in the city.

Alhamdulillah, my target for the project finished as agreed. Yeah, but i did drop some rrequirement at initial discussion .Drop whatever not within my capacity. Remember that, say no to reduce your workload if it is possible.I believe your manager also did the same thing.Thats why he become manager/ur boss. Haha. That was the important thing that i didnt learn properly before. :P .One more thing was 'memperlambatkan permainan pihak lawan'. Gudluck erkkk kalau korang nak try.