Bahan Baca Ringkas 1

Gile malas nak menulis.There are some projects that i need to involve but since custoer not raise their PO yet,(finance diorg kemut) so i just stay here doing my Operation and Maintenance for local customer and oversea customer. Boring gila. I hate O&M. Boss also aask me to involve in installation of new equipment that i never heard and there is no site reference in this region. Terukkan? Asal boleh jual, masa belum beli semuanye manisss jee, dah selesai jual kerja aku lak pusing2. Tapi kisah apa kan, asalkan gaji masuk cukup aa. Padahal engineer ni tak tau camne nak handle mende alah tu . Harap boleh delay or divert to another engineer. So another try and error routine + google search activity for me.