Pakistan 6 - Al-Fatihah

On the phone conversation at 6.40pm. PM=Project Manager
PM : Where are you?
Me : Still at site. Why?
PM : Tonight all activity will be cancel.
Me : What da hell!!! Are you crazy. I have to finish this, only one more activity!
PM : Do you know what happen just now?
Me : What ???
PM : Our x-PM ,Benazir just got killed at Rawalpindi(15 km away).Situation is very danger.I need you to go back to your hotel as soon as possible.And try to get tomorrow flight.Try to contact Lim too.
Me : ...(speechless)

No wonder all foreign engineer next to me keep talking about getting a flight ticket.
To all muslim, Al-Fatihah to Benazir. Peace. Prey for my safe journey home.

Transit - Suvarnabhumi 2

Again transit at BKK. Flight to KUL will be 0835 in the morning. Tired.

Pakistan 5 - Cool...

I did start to buy some winter cloth. Because it really cold for me. Base on Yahoo! Weather , today Islamabad temperature High: 14 Celcius Low:6 Celcius. And it just beginning of winter. Local Pakistani told me that it will be damn cool then this on January. But no snow in Islamabad. Some office already put heater to keep us warm. To Kampung boy like me + study at local varsity , it was excited lah. Bernafas pun keluar wap. Memang Jakun.

Thing not go smooth for my project. I have to push them, but since i not interested to push the customer. I always ask Project Manager to push them. But that normal for my career field.

Hope i could go home , naik moto , berenti bawah flyover sbb hujan and makan mee goreng mamak + telur mata . Or attached to another project. :P boring gila.

Pakistan 3A - Balik Mengundi di Pakistan

Come back to continue my project after a week stay in KL. My flight will be tomorrow morning . I really hope could finish this task by this week and come back early and wait in hunger for another task. InsyaAllah. Wish me luck.

Transit - Suvarnabhumi

Arrived Suvarnabhumi at about 2230. My flight back to KL will be on the 0835. Only go around the airport. No Patpong. No Nana Plaza. :( . Try to find the best place for lepak. At the end i found seat that near to one of power point at 3rd Floor,next to elevator,Cathay Pacific and Thai Lounge. Plus next to Business Class Lounges. And that BC lounge provide free internet access which within my coverage. I know that god always on my side :P even i not role model of a muslim.

Pakistan 3 - Trip to Rawalpindi

Still stuck with Pakistani project. I need to force my self and customer to finished it by this comning week. Since my visa will be end on 23rd Nov, my boss give a suggestion for me to have trip to Dubai and then come back to Islamabad to renew my visa .I have Pakistan 30 days of
multiple entry visa which valid for 1 year. Good choise but i promise my self to finished it without Dubai trip.Amin.

On Saturday 10th Nov i went to Rawalpindi with about 40 km from Islamabad. And it give me view of truly South Asia city. Havoc, of course not hygiene as KL. A bit shock but still acceptable for me. Other then me , i only found 2 foreigner in this city. I went to Sadar Bazaaar , Rawalpindi Railway station and Raja Bazaar. Tried some local tepi jalan food and also air tebu, and did not have any diarea on the next day.Syukur. Korang penah tgk tak gembala kambing bawak balik kambing dari makan rumput? aaa in this buzy road of Raja Bazaar, i saw them , and i really confious because this location is exactly in the middle of city!!! During my return trip, i got taxi driver that really talkative . He speak in Urdu, and i speak English. He keep talking non stop, scold other taxi. Talk to people around. Even ask me to bring him back to Malaysia.scary beb.It is the way he make joke. hehe.Only smile when he talk ,

Ekceli i did my trip on the right day. Aday before ,On friday most of the road at Rawalpindi are still closed ,due to Emergency status and Police with gun is all around the city. Gun is every where here ,even at Islamabad, i could see AK-47 most of the day.

I am getting tired actually be alone here.Hopefully could close my project soon. Lim will be back here to continue his project. So at least somebpdy to talk to. I wonder how Asrol survive at Morrocco ,but most girls at Rabat are beutiful.hehe. Serius aku jeles.
Enjoy my picture collection.

~My Pakistan 3 Slide Show~

Pakistan 2 - State of Emergency

Atau dalam bahasa Melayu we suppost to call it Darurat. I still dont believe that i am at Islamabad,Pakistan .If you refer this news from TV3, they had informed that there are some Malaysian still at Islamabad. And at this moment scenario is still under control and i still have dinner outside like always. Daily life here actually running like normal.

On Saturday morning, i been to Bhurban which is 2 hours journey from Islamabad and i could say it was like Fraser Hill, but the road was too dangerous for Malaysian driver.Look at the bus in the picture.That morning I read newspaper and the main news was about possibility of emergency state that could be declare by goverment to avoid general election in coming month. At about 8pm all news channel been out of service and at 12.30am Sunday, Mr Presiden had his annoucement with the reason. This is the best part of my life. Never been at this situation. Things could go wrong here but until this moment i still have my confident to this situation.

On the way back to Islamabad, certain road had been close especially near to Supreme Court.But still many people playing criket around Islamabad.Like nothing happen. After arrived Marriot ,i did call Lim and Nikki to have dinner with them. We have out dinner nearby. And today at 3pm they will go back to KL and leave me alone to finish the rest of project. Mr Manager and Bigboss will be here as this is their own 'kampung' . But Mr Manager wanna have Deepavali celebration + his wife is pregnant, so he might go back tomorrow and leave me alone at Marriot. Hehe. Me Alone? Damn boring. I also have a great weekend with my teamate during my last weekend. And i could said it was wonderful trip.At least its really enjoy for a person like me who have only local varsity education. And damn excited tgk daun maple.Jakun betul.
I did some plan to go to the nearby city which was about 30km away.They call it Rawalpindi. And last week some explosion happen there near to army camp. Its more buzy and more Pakistanese city so i would like to go there to wathc with my own eye.One of the staff here living there and even offer to accompany me to the Rawalphindi city.Thanks dude!
Akhirnye leather jacket aku siap. Macam Mat Salleh siut. With my new pashmina, i think there will be new model in the market. I enjoy brought this pashmina coz me and my officemates have a wonderfull survey and bargainn activity. Tired looh! I am so malas tu upload picture.Later aa??(done)

Pakistan 1

Read this news about blast at Karachi during Benazir rally.She skiped unhurt. Actually Boss already instructed me to finalize my visa and it complete yesterday evening.After read the news , i did called Ma and Abah mention about blast at Karachi.Since they already knew about my working scenario , they are not that worry but still concern.Plus i am not working at Karachi but Islamabad.

Ermm.. but being smart ,i try to exercise this pepatah "Menangguk di air yg keruh", i planned to talk to my boss about level of safety at Pakistan and try to bargain perdiem that i suppose to receive. Yalah, ambil kesempatan .Eversince i start working in multiraces enviroment, i am very calculative every penny i earn and spend. Hehe. Hopefully the project still on and no more postpone.Amin.

Najib for sure happy coz he skip for this project :P

Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf kalu ada terkasar bahasa, yg tak sengaja atau yg aku saja2 sengaja sbb sakit hati kat korg.
Sepuluh jari disusun, ampun maaf dipohon.Sesiapa nak buat open house tu, jgn lupa jemput aku ekk!!


Soalan : Awat lama tak post blog hang?

Jawapan: Saja ...

After came back from Saudi, i am busy with our local customer, do this and that. Change this and that. On my part, i lie this and that. I said this and that. The best part was problem on weekend and the fact was no solution during that weekend. What i did was be around customer, and berlakon try to do this and that, asking question to support at Europe through email. We also have customer that like to have Conference Call all the time. Why? so they could be updated . Respect customer beb. Balik rumah buat claim siap-siap.

I hate some Europen with their kedekut ilmu stail. Some of them ok. Weekend diorg tanak kerja. Ilmu tanak bagi. Bila time ada problem ni, tanak kerja. Is this kind of people that you want them to take over Proton? Memang tak membangun la jawabnya. Nothing you could learn from them. As Malaysian, what we should do was , blaja , sedut ilmu, then hantar surat resign..hehe

Ok another story: I dont know how to classify my self.

Soalan:Adun, bila nak angkat kereta?

Jawapan: AKu tak kuat aa nak angkat, annti kena hempap!!

The most question that i faced at this moment, beside Soalan Abg Meor "mana org rumah?". I have few attitude. I dont like traffic jam. I dont like to look for a parking space. But New Lancer looks yummy lah..Khaw(my ex-officemate) already racun gua. Gaya , Mutu, Keunggulan. Naik teksilah senang.I also dont have nasfu membeli melampaui keperluan or may be i should try Najib stail, "Beli la moto besar skit" Ok gak, will be consider :) .Thsi week i have conversation with Najib and Wandy, there is Naza skuter model, which is GTR150, Taiwan made actually. Macam MZ mostiko punye stail lah. COuld fit my budget but not my height, mau terjengkit kaki aku. Hehe. Even my brother and sis dah berseloroh about me and car, but i said to them that i will buy a bus for my family.jokinggg... . Najib and me also been discuss about rent a car if you wanna go back to your home town. would be ok for bachelor that have no car at all. good discussion actually.

Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa kepada semua yang membaca Tulissan Adun.

Ronda Riyadh

This weekend i also have assignments(with S,plural). At Saudi weekend was on Thursday and Friday. The problem was operator at Malaysia and Thailand like to have activity Thursday Morning or Friday morning. So weekend macam tak weekend langsung. But it ok since there is not night live at Riyadh.

Went for outing , but i dont know the place around . So ask taxi driver to go to some where that have tamar and halwa. At least i know place around my Hotel. People in Riyadh only open their shop after Asar, or maybe for summer only because current weather is damn hot, around 42 Celcius in the afternoon. There is Aweez souk near to Sheraton that about 3 minutes drive. A lot of Arab choice of Arabic stail market. Thanks driver
This is picture of saudi youth playing soccer.Remember, they almost become Asian champion last month.
Now i know there are a few pasar that i could reach within 3 minutes travel by taxi.and on the next junction after Sheraton actually there were a lot of Arabic restaurant. Tapi arab makan byk!! Last week i did have dinner with Harun Nayan near to his house. "Mandi" the name of the nasi with ayam. Tak habis sebab kitorang kecik je nak perabis seekor ayam. But very delicious.

I never know that kurma is yellow colour till i arrived Saudi. And i arrived at the right time. Musim kurma tengah berbuah. Just nice before ramadan.There are few kurma tree around STC office. It tasted kelat and sweet. I really hope that i wil be here again in Ramadan kalau ada rejeki.

My advice : Buy lotion if you come to Riyadh during summer. Merekah kulit gua beb!

This is picture of Riyadh city from Kingdom Tower using my mobile phone. They not allow any camera in this skybridge. But mobile phone is OK.

Target Below 1kg

One thing i dont like about outstation is my body weight.Makin berat beb! Increasing from time to time. I still remember what Nonie said when she met me at Semambu,Kuantan "Dah gemuk!!!" . Hehe . Mana tak. Bila outstation ,breakfast provided, Afternoon teamate ask to join for makan.Karang on the way back to Hotel, beli makanan lagik. ye lah Tidoo, no exersice. Weekend kekadang tido satu hari. When i am travel to some where like Riyard, of course i would like to eat something that Malaysia don't have. So my target is below 1 kg.Amin.

I dont think SA government menggalakkan outsider to come here. Some muslim take advantage to stay for their Haj. That why they are hardly to give visa .Hard to find broachers about Riyadh city. Even keychain pun hard with Riyadh or KSA word around the city. All city in the world have their own keychain/gift , Riyadh susah mau cari syeikh! Ask China to make it lah, the rest of the world done that, very cheap ma .The only place to find them was at Kingdom Tower, and i don’t like this tower. Why? Because they not allowed you to take picture by your own camera. Use their photographer. Elok lah tu untuk zaman digital camera ni . So aku amik gambar dari jauh je lah.

I had been to Bathaa on last Friday. Part of Riyadh old city. You could watch a lot of Indian,Pakistanhe ,Bangla and Filipino here . At Dira ,which is part of Bathaa, sebelah kot? ,there were a lot of jewelry shop, kedai serban and jubah Pak Arab, classic thing, carpet, abaya and also capal. But they are open after Asar. At Dira I could reach Masmak Fortress. I not sure about the history of this building, but it was one of Riyadh old identity. After Friday prayer I join the Pak Arab tido dalam Masjid. Letih oo lepas jalan tengahari summer nih. Even one of Pak Arab that i met using lepak minum air, advice me to lepak at mosque since I told him that I am muslim. If I not mistaken it was Imam Turki bin Abdullah Mosque, which next to Masmak Fortress.

p/s aku nak taruk gambar skit, tapi leceh aa, SA punye ISP filter kawkaw
:( padahal tak lucah pun

One Bad , One Good For me

About a month ago my boss promise to give training that suppose to held in Bangalore,India. The training will be for Celcom IN Prepaid team but of course some of my team will be there.Beginning of July while getting my passport replacementat Subang Imigresen Office , my boss called me.( i did 'lost' my passport ) .

Boss: Isti ,are you at imigresen office? (ketawa kecik)
Me: Yes , i am. Why any bad news?
Boss: Yeah, one bad, one good.

Me: What is it?
Boss: Your Bangalore training cancel.
Me: (aduhhh!!) Okeeyyy. Its ok, what to do... i am OK.

Boss: But i have to sent your somewhere else.
Me: ( yeahh!! ) What? Somewhere else? Where is it?
Boss: Saudi. They need temporary PSA engineer. So you will be there for another one month.

Me: Gosh!! another one month???
Boss: Are you OK with it?
Me: If you confident with me, i am OK. Thanks for recommand me Boss!

And today ,here i am Riyadh , SA*. The process of get a visa is a bit harder then Thailand temporary visa. You have to go to LHDN for stamping, Bank for Cheque Draft , Endorsement at any valid place and Saudi Embassy for sure.

I told my mum about trip to Saudi, about a month before the trip. Compare to bangkok trip which i told her 3 days before the trip. Hehe. Sejuk skit hati die dengar Saudi... :P

Booking my flight through Mei Yoke , Company executive for traveling .She book Cathay Pacific flight so i could reach there earlier. Tapi Najib and teamate marah with me, coz travel on weekend. Haha, rugi hari kerja they said. For accomodition, Mei Yoke made my booking at Sheraton Riyadh Hotel and Towers.

My Journeyto
My flight was at 930am 29th July. But of course, like always, i am too kiasu. I booked Airport Limo for trip from Kelana Jaya at 4 am. Sempat la ronda2 and breakfast at McD. Brought Sudoku Book of 250 pages at the KLIA Bookstore. Sudoku is to make sure i am not boring during flight. 3 and a half hours later i arrive at Hong Kong International Airport. Get my lunch there and wait another 2 hours for flight that will transit for a while at Bahrain.

When my flight arrive Bahrain , I take sometime to walking around Bahrain Airport. I found Post Office and sent a poscard to my self. Very stupid but at least a prove that i arrive Bahrain. Aduh, at that moment i already so damn very tired.

Finally , flight arrived at Riyadh at 22:00 29th July 2007 +3GMT. And the Hotel driver already waiting for me at the Arrival enterence. Riyadh Airport is very old design, Look like Senai Airport design during 80'ties. But big buildinglah. The driver drove me to Sheraton with a big Car which the brand was Mercury. If i not mistaken.Refer attached picture.White colour, yeah that the driver.

On Monday 30th July morning , report on duty at Company branch Office Riyadh, Abraj Atta'awuneya Tower. And met my teamate was Himmat and Mohammad. Mohammad will be on vacation and i was the replacement .They doing the server same like us at Kuala Lumpur for AlJawal.

They teach me a lot about their server. And the best part was there have alot of script that i could use and help me alot.Haha. So kerja gua become easier dude!

Aduh, malas nak tulis nanti sambung. There are some picture that i cant upload due to block by *SA ISP. Will update late.Tata.

*SA = Saudi Arabia


Yesterday afternoon conversation.
MyBoss: Okeh, got commisioning at Kabul, 350USD, anyone?
Teamate A: 500USD boleh laa!
MyBoss: OK, i request 500USD, we will see their respond.

Kabul?? I called my mom last night, and told her about the offer, she recommend me to look for other destination, Arab for example. I think if ask my mum to choose between Kabul and Bangkok, she prefer me to go to Bangkok. Because those lady didn't ask for ransom or point gun to me,instead they using my 'weapon' .But at the end i told my mum that if i want to go to Kabul, it is becoz i want to be somewhere people hardly to travel to. Money is extra. Mongolia or Nepal for example. But the end safety is most important thing before money.

Amazing Thailand

I did survive for my first international task. Actually it is a very simple task. My boss already mention in email that i could pass my probation period if i bring back all signed document! hehe... my probation period should take about 6 months i guess :P. But my career with this company just start for 3 months. Lucky me i guess. I dont mind if he dont make me pass , to me that only a morale support.

On my last weekend at Bangkok, i try to find travel agent so i could plan my real vacation. i found a homepage of Bangkok's Smiling Tour, really simple one.Click here. The best thing was, you could combine some of the trip. Please refer to the homepage.They will find you an agent and also will put u in a group of 12. Which enough for 1 big van. I tried to call at about 11 pm and i make my reservation which is next morning. And i got one slot which is join with other groups of 12 including me. Alhamdulillah.

My choise of travel? I only book for half day travel which cost me 700+100bath. That 100 because my hotellocation is a bit far other participant. Only for floating market. Its is wonderful trip which i really recommand to all. But travel start at 6 am. Make sure you wakeup early. We arrived at about 9 am.

Our location was Damnoen Saduak floating market. You will get a trip in James Bond Boat. And go along the canal. After that travel in the floating market. It cost another 150 bath to feel experience in the sampan through the floating market. May be it waste ur money if you bring ur kid. But for me, it is good experience. Then you will have time until 1030am to discover your floating market. But if you would like to go for Elephant ride. You have to meet the agent at 10am. Honestly i not interested for a ride with elephant.

Then the agent will 'park' you at Cobra Park. Which is not in the list, but they try for some luck to get some money from you. Its ok, just sit and get some drink. I suppose to go back to Bangkok after that , but i ask the agent about the price if i would like to join another group for other place. Yup addup another 400bath with lunch.Of course halal one. Most of the group go for Crocodile Farm and Elephant Ground. But i book for trip to Rose Garden, which is park of thai village, and they also perfome show of thai dance , boxing, wedding and elephant show.So the agent send me to Rose Garden while the rest of the group enjoy their moment at Croc and Elephant Ground. The show at Rose garden is really entertain, and i fully recommand for ur choise. Even the rest of the group join me after finished their trip at crocodile and elephant place.

And our journey back arrived at my hotel at about 530pm. Why you should go by those travel agent? Because they know when is the important show that you should not miss them. Believe me ,you wont regret. And it also give you oppurtunity to know some international friend.

Picture of Smiling Thailand

I have no time to write new post of my own blog. So, let me introduce tomy fotopages and let the foto tell my story for the time being. I will tell about the rest in 1 week time. My target time but i won't promise :P or here and here for specific entry.

Bangkok City Trip

Last time ,when i working with Celketom , Fit and me always plan to join Abang Sani (Kak Jun's husband) during his outstation trip. His regular destination was Finland and Taiwan. But never make it, because of financial situation .Now, i had a trip to Bangkok, since this is the oppurtunity, Fit join me. This is our travel story for u to read.

Destination 1 - Suan Lum Night Bazaar, Travel by MRT from Huai Kwang Staion to Lumphini. The bazaar was next to Lumphini Station.This place have a lot of sourviner and Tshirt.
Muslim food: Next to Entrance from MRT station,there was a line of open food stalls on the parking lot .At first Fit would like to see those food which obviously non-muslim food. But we found out that the last stall which is next to the MRT station was muslim stall. This stall offer local muslim food.

Destination 2 - Chatuchak Weekend Market, Travel via MRT station to Chatuchak Station. This Market have a lot of (this one very big market) sourviner, tshirt, cloth, shoe , food and etc.It was open on Saturday and Sunday. Dont miss this market if you in Bangkok.
Muslim Food: Look for a tower in the centre of this market. Then look for the 'door' of this tower. There was a Muslim stall at section 16 facing this 'door'.This stall offer local muslim food also beryani and sate.
Destination 3 - MBK Center ,Travel via BTS to National Stadium Station. Shopping complex with a lot of Mobile Phone Shop.Very a lot of them. Believe me.
Destination 4 - Hard Rock Cafe. Fit want to buy T-shirt. To complete his collection.
Destination 5 - PatPhong Market. We come here to complete the list of important destination. But when you go through this market, definately you could have a view in side of bar on the both side of market. There a a lot of peraih will get you. And a lot of girl on the table with their bikini. Good view and good rating. Please have a drink in the bar if you want a close view. Make sure you order your drink. :)
Destination 6 - Our destination for dinner. Phechaburi rd, Soi 7. There are muslim kampung here.
We ask the waiter " What you have? ",
she ask me back " Nak order apa? ".
Keep in your English for a while, most of them using Malay language but Kelantanese one.

Destination 7 - Wat Arun, Buddha temple locate at the edge of Chao Phraya River.we go to the end of BTS route which is Saphan Taksin station. But after arrive at the station we had our lunch first before boat ride.After lunch we have boat travel to those canal, and i can say those canal is not recommanded. :P .Better go straight to Wat Arun, unless if u was there 7am in morning. There was small floating market.Which i not sure what it looks like.The Big floating market locate 1 hour travel from Bangkok(check in the internet).
Muslim Food - at Saphan Taksin station,walk along Charoen Krung rd(if i not mistaken) you will pass Robinson Shopping Mall on your left.After about 500m, you will see State Tower Bangkok on your right(about 5 floor building). And keep go straight, there was Muslim Restaurant on your left.
Destination 8 - IT City. Locate next to Indonesian Embassy. Same as Low Yatt Plaza.Travel by BTS ,go to Rachadhewi station and go toward Phecheburi Road, and turn right.Walk about 700m,IT City Mall will be on your right, after Indonesian Embassy.
Destination 9 - Baiyoke Tower 2 . Your could see the whole view of Bangkok city from this observation deck. The tallest building in Bangkok at this moment.
Muslim Food - We had our dinner at Maedah Restaurant.Arabic and local food. I am not sure the road name , but between Baiyoke tower 1 and tower 2 , near to 7-Eleven.
I will post some picture when i finish edit them.

What we could do in Bangkok during Friday afternoon

I still dont understand with most of my friend that always talking to me about massage when i talk about my trip to Bangkok. Instead Gee still saiko me to have sex?? Damn, world is cruel. So to have clean my self from all those toy, i did my responsibility to the All Mighty during Friday afternoon so that i think could change my mind, point to the right direction.

I know about this mosque about 3 days ago.Not far from the site which is about 500m walk. And some stall near to the mosque so i have my lunch there , but i have difficulty to order the food. Luckly there is a school teacher from one of Ugama school there able to help me. Alhamdulillah. He mention to me that there are few Malaysian also have Friday prayer there, but they already gone when i order my food. His name was Muharamm.Thanks dude.

New Petchaburi Rd


Tired.Start at 9 , come back at 9. Installation takes about 1 hour only. Give downtime about 2 and half our. The rest is test with our customer roaming partners wich is Bangledash, Hong Kong and Singapore. The whole live traffic test success is success. But the problem was our test tools not working,give a wrong rate to our test condition. Gong and i did check until about 9pm .

I ask my fellow teamate, all buzy. Developer give me guide how to configure rating part. Yeah! i did all the thing. Several time and i also modify everything even something i never tried. But good, got a lot of explanation that i wonder ever since i start learn about hp-ux.

At the end Gong found out that SMSC test server give wrong tme stamp. My server which is another , rate base on timestamp transaction of Gong server. I dont even think to check that time stamp and it was state in the log, but in unix format lah.I only check my log time stamp bro! Penat! Habis aku kalik the whole server. Yeah, restart everything!

There also tea lady ask about my cheap 3G phone through one of the staff. Tell them the model, coz they wonder about the model , but in Thailand , only Hutchison provide 3G (the smallest player). Normally international Engineer in Bangkok like Gong have their ADSL account at home.

Gong is a local people of Bangkok and working to the same company like me but base in Bangkok. Gong is his nick name, we talk alot about everything. I found out that is very easy to talk English with Thailand people coz we have the same way, tone, tatabahasa . I dont need to talk like American or Mat Slleh style. Just sembur ikut suka. But some taxi driver didnt talk English, but still they could deliver you to the destination,in my case.

Numbering Plan

Thailand mobile number had increase from 9 digit to 10 start from September 1,2006 . Yesterday our customer had migrate their Global Title of Network Element (MSC, STP etc) to 10 digit too.But i am not involve in that activity.My activity will be tomorrow.

Malaysia had migrate Central Region number to 8 number last time too.I wonder when would Malaysia mobile number digit will increase too. And then we will keep receiving stupid promotion/advertisement from Content Provider. Operator not helping you at all to unsubscriber those advert. We have moobile phone without strict regulation about Content Provider from our goverment body. Coz somebody make money through it and i dont get money when i try to stop it. Good excuse.

Click to know about our world number plan. In Malaysia, you have to press 0 for llocal number to start dialing. Example: 038888xxxx, 0133000xxx. But certain country like Cayman Islands using 1 instead of 0. Depend on goverment. Happy clicking.

Wasted Resources

Damn. My boss bising already to Project Manager. There might some delay to next week for my execution time coz this company have global title migration grom 9 to 10 digit ,i think. Why should delay? This project already for about a year. I am here, let me execute them. Last week activity that i implement also drag for 2 years.

Boss say waste of resouces and ask to bring me back for a while. But then the Project Manager remind him that my passport was Emergency type. Only could be use for one time and i already ask for 30 days visa. Hehe, i replay the email.... " diluah mati mak di telan mati bapak, i will try to push customer ...bla bala bla...". Cross my finger for tomorrow.

May be day time downtime. But OK coz its very low traffic equipment.

Lost at Rachadapisek Rd

@@@Dear reader! I think i got a few reader here. Please fill up Advertlets poll on the right side. Why ? Because the richer want to got richer.And i let poor become more poor. :P Any body fill up for me , please inform me and i will do the same for you.
@@@I also could not read mt CheckBox at this momnet. Sorry.

Currently i was here at Great Kingdom Of Thailand. Wonderful country. My Project Manager advice HR to to book this hotel for me. Because he said easy for me. A lot of kedai makan around. May be he forgot that i am muslim. I don't mind coz i think it a good thrill for me actually.

They provide me Executive Suite, top floor, unlimited internet(but cannot view my checkbox in the right side),a friendly staff, especially bellboy(even i dont give tips at all). During my tea time, hotel staff sit on the floor(duduk bersipuh) to explain about hotel benefit that i could enjoy. Very interesting,hah! Very cultural. I think i should enjoy all these benefit for a while. Ye lah , god gift. During night , i start to ask about MRT station and place around. Nearest MRT station was about 400m , 7-Eleven is another 300m. Since i 'have anything to do, so i walk to the 7-Eleven. What i surprice was from hotel to the 7-E , there are about 8 massage center. Next to next!Well i start to know Bangkok now. I think this is what Pang call ShangriLa.

I had chat with Dakmat.Previously he had been here. So he suggest me few place to visit and tips of the city. But of course a good onelah including Halal restaurant. Thanks Dakmat. But 'haram' that next to next may interrupt those halal one. Ishhk!! Rasa macam tumbuh tanduk!

Here at Rachadapisek Rd. There people call Racha if i not mistaken. Very jem location. For the next 1 month i will be stuck here wth those neon light keep blinking every night and i cant see them through my suite window. Damn! I also plan to snap those statue at temple to keep my tour stay to the objective and like those in Bali. Then i remember, my mum suggest me to join my grandmother and aunt for Umrah. :) . Any comment?

Royal Thailand Embassy

What a tired day! 8 am at Terminal Subang Imigresen Office. Got my Emergency Passport at 9.30 am. Goverment charged me RM50 for that Emergency Passport. This passport only valid for one trip to specific destnation. I think i should glue this Passport on my forehead to avoid the same problem to happen again.

After that straight away my bike to Royal Thailand Embassy Jalan Ampang for the visa. Please note that if you use Normal Malaysia International Passport you won't need for visa to travel to Thailand and you could stay up to 30 days. But for Emergency Passport, you need to apply for visa. I did call Thailand Embassy yesterday asking for visa procedure , and the operator informed me that for visa application , i should come from 930 am to 1130 am. There are few people at there and at last minutes i still call my project manager ask for contact address at Bangkok. fuyyy!!!

Alhamdulillah i manage to finish all the process at 1110 am. The last thing i should do was collect for my visa tomorrw at 1130 am. Dont ever lost your passport because some country did not accept Emergency Passport. Please read here for more info(but not updated since 2001) or here. Pstt.. Brunei is one of them.

1150 am arrive office and after sit for about 10 minutes, Jenifer ask me to join lunch with a few Celketom staff. One of them is Aziha. Yes, that hensom Kelantan boy now become fatty dad.Semi fatty i think. We did exchange each other latest office gossip and other thing like career oppurtunity and so on. He also expressed that he also looking for offer same like you all. Of course lah, 5 years already in the same place. Hehe.

What i am going to do for the rest of the day? Update this blog, prepare for Bangkok documentation, act like i am doing smart thing and blaa bla bla. Damn sleepy.

God, help me

Would i able deliver the task adventure to this moment? Well, luckily task i delivered recently quite easy. Not as easy as Next,Next, Next, Insert Serial Number and Finish.Or slot out card, slot in card and press reset button. Easy now, maybe the new task will be tough. My scope involves Unix, hentam kromo and try and error concept. I wonder...what's next challenge be in my project list ? My boss asked me this 2 weeks ago.
"Hey, Do you want to go to Bangkok?"
"For what?"
"Itu TA project la.We have 2 change requests to deliver"
"You ask me to go, i go la"
"Yeah, i ask you to die ,then you die la" , he grins.

Since most of my team busy with their own task. Seems not enough manpower for this situation. Probably that's what a manager should do...right? I do respect my current Boss. He gives and takes you, but of course you have to be the same. Being a family man he is and committed to a dreadfully busy career. And,also very religous, unlike me and mior. Mior the most la.Hehe... The project manager has forwarded me all related email and documents. Looks like he's very proactive. I hate in dealing to proactive people but,sometimes i think i should because these proactive people helps lazy people like me.Not that lazy, just need a kick in the butt!

I'm not sure about the system, i could try to figure out. My dateline is end of this month to learn something and rape my test server in all positions in Karmasutra.These equipments gonna have best time of its system than me...Hopefully it wont kaput in climaxing.

So...what would i do in Bangkok? Anuar told me about Aquarium, PatPong. He visited it during his training at Bangkok. I wonder what kind of training his team mate have at Bangkok. Gosh...I am so naive. And LV being supportive, recommends me for Thai massage. What happen to all you guys ? I'll stay away from these tantalizing & temptations. May ALLAH helps me. Please , Bangkok is a clean city. But will my virgin will lost at the door of the hotel or as soon i arrive in Bangkok? Then, i remembered Pokdir.

Then, last week i found out i lost my passport. Damned! What to do? Went to Imigresen Pusat Bandar Damansara KL. The officer told me to go Terminal 2 ,Subang Airport. The bad part on my side was to get a copy my Surat Beranak and its in my hometown. My Mum kept the original of all childrens. Happy Mother's Day, Ma. Luckily, Adik Ain and Abang Am helped me. They scanned from my home town then emailed me. Thank GOD... we have internet and Celcom 3G Unlimited and TMNet Streymx.

I pray i could still make it for Bangkok. Amin.... hehe...please amin for my wish.

Take this seriously, never ever lose your passport...Ive been a bad boy losing it. Believe me, it'll ruined your day, with all the running around,wanting to slap someone rain and no need paying much for the parking.

A bike, a cab, a bus and my self.

It have been 3 years i am using the same moto bike. This bike almost become a killer. I am damn scared to my bike! euuhhh, love ya, my ugly bike. Now i decide to keep 3 of my latest monthly salary slip for a car loan. I think Bank Negara Malaysie already have my name registered to a car loan and one homeloan. Hopefully there is a bank that dare to give me some money for investment of unprofitable asset.

Which car should i buy? Some of my exofficemate express their angryness(betul ke perkataan akunih?) when i mention that i would like to buy for a MyVii.
"Kalau nak stakat MyVii baik tak yah tukar kerja" , hehe, a nasty sentence for a non-hensom engineer, saja nak kasi aku berapi lah tu. But please be inform that my current Customer Manager only using a MyVii. But she travel to Europe almost every year lah.
Then what car that they recommand me? Lastest model of CRV 2007. Of course it is affordable me to pay for that model, but is it necessary for me?

Ok, may be i should list out my defination of transport.
-Easy to maintain - any car can be maintance when u got enough money.
-Easy to sell - of course lah Japan brand, but now its hard for u sell any brand.
-Wei kereta! Takyah tunggu panas, Terus Jalan!! - if i do this to brand new car mmg sayang lah, so i think i should do this to a 2nd car,or guna fully sintetic oil engine.
-Could be repair by Workshop next to Cerry Tree -Wira or old model car could be repair by workshop tepi pokok ceri, But most of new car will be go to autorize service center, i guess.
-Still maintain my class -Nak pakai BMW ke?hoho, berlagak siut.Ingat! jgn jadi hamba keta

My decision at this moment? still with
1.use taxi(sbb malas cari parking keta+hujan),
2.use my bike(sbb tanak tempuh jem), bus ticket for long journey(malas letih2 nak drive+nak tido sepenjang journey+takde family lagi),
and car for hari raya balik kampung(mahal a skit, tapi dah mampu, nak wat camne.hoho.

I will reevaluate my decision after next 3 month + i write this because it is a boring Wednesday holiday. At least you have something to read with a broken grammer.

Car for Sale

Kancil 2003 Manual
Accident free
660cc WKQ
One name


Received a new laptop today. All software already installed by third party IT department before deliver to HR. Excited? nope coz boss start to give me a few task.

Second day at Damansara

Got another offer last friday so i could not use cute icon in my email. Today is my second day of that offer. First day working at here is like very familiar place.Coz i knew all my teamate, my new boss is actually one of my technical reference during my previous company. he also teach me a lot and we have a lot of give and take during our previous project and technical problem we been face before. Same to all my new teamate. Some of them are my x-senior.

'Did you remove your mobile number in our sms alarm', Teamate A ask me
'Not yet' , my answer
'So just maintain laaa, no need to remove'

This is among my first day conversation.

Enviroment is same ,as much as previous company. Buzy , phone keep ringing all the time , meeting , troubleshooting , emailing etc. But now at the otherside . Luckily i did not get my email yet, so i could not start anything at this moment. InsyaAllah i will try to perform as much as i did before or even better.Amin.

I want to write a lot of thing but i could not tell you here , so just let some of my tukang goreng pass the story, or even make their own version.

i think i did some spelling spoil...hehee..baca ajelah


This is part of my last email in my current company.Next week i will start working with my new company.

I am proud to say my 5 year+ experience in this company that has made me the person I am today, an engineer of passion, skills and knowledgeable.

Yet, despite all the positive aspects of the company, I am convinced that it is time I make a move from my comfort zone, to find greater challenge, and last but not least, to find improved source of income suitable with my value on the market, for I feel obligated towards improving my family gain. But the most pushing factor for my move is for career reason. I am very ambitious and I feel strong urge to move on.


Today, I am very proud to use this logo. Next time, I need to use another logo with an icon.

Thanks to all

Kenyang tak Mandi, Basah tak Makan

Pagi aku kutuk Fitri Saad sebab set lagu baru Kaer kat phone die, lepas tu petang sedar-sedar aku dah nak terdownload lagu tu sebab rasa macam best pulak.

Hari ini aku layan budak-budak ofis borak-borak, layan gossip, sebab semua orang tengah bergumbira termasuk aku. Esok ,hari yang aku tunggu setelah sekian lama berjuang di meja tepi pantry, tepi tandas, sebelah pintu tangga. Ken cakap , meja aku takda ong, kalau dikira berdasarkan feng sui. Alhamdulilah.

Survey about KL People:Your Achievement

"Menurutnya, kaji selidik itu mendapati terdapat aliran yang mengukur kejayaan bukan daripada berapa banyak wang yang ada dalam akaun, sebaliknya kejayaan itu diukur menerusi lebih kepada pencapaian peribadi seperti tempat yang pernah dilawati dan orang terkenal yang telah ditemui."
Dipetik dari Utusan Online,11/3/2007,Ekonomi,"Makan gaji kurang digemari"

Eh betul ke? Bukan dari segi apa kereta mamat tu pakai? Dari segi apa PDA dia guna? hehehe. Yelah, setakat akaun tu, takkan nak tayang kat orang lain buku akaun lak kan?

Dari Kelana Jaya ke Pulai Chondong

Cuti Tahun Baru Cina ini aku tidak merancang untuk pulang ke kampung, Minggu yang sudah aku pulang ke kampung menyelesaikan perkara-perkara yang tertangguh sejak sekian lama. Sudah dirancang juga dari awal yang aku akan ke Kelantan sebentar di cuti kali ini. Ini kerana aku bakal menghadiri kenduri perkahwinan sahabat aku, Asyudi. Perjalanan aku bermula pada pukul 6 malam dari rumah Kelana Jaya ke Stesen LRT Taman Bahagia. Semuanya berjalan lancar , tiket sudah dtempah pada 23hb Januari yang lalu. Tepat jam 9.15 malam bas segera berangkat dari Hentian Bas Putra.Kalau diikutkan aku bakal berhenti di Pasir Mas.Iyalah, kalau beli tiket lambat macam ni lah, ambil saja tiket yang ada.Pulang nanti pula naik pesawat AirAsia. Cekup peluang bila sedar ada promosi harga murah.

Aku tiba di Pasir Mas lebih kurang jam 5.30 pagi. Gelap lagi masa tu .Setelah bertanya kepada pemandu, beliau bersetuju menurunkan aku di Jalan Kota Bahru-Machang, jadi boleh lah aku menunggu Bas menuju ke Pulai Chondong atau ke mana-mana destinasi yang aku sendiri tak pasti pada waktu pagi-pagi begini.Kebetulan beliau akan melalui jalan tersebut dalam perjalanan ke Pusat Bas syarikatnya,

Tidak lama setelah turun bas telefon bimbit aku berbunyi, Mat Shah.Nasib baik lah si mamat ni hubungi aku. Alhamdulillah. Setelah berjumpa ,terlebih dahulu kami pergi bersarapan di sebuah kedai Nasi Kerabu. Disebabkan lapar dan sedap, aku makan hingga 2 pinggan Nasi Kerabu, nyata memang sedap dan harganya pun di bawah kadar yang berpatutan (bagi pencari rezeki di KL).Macam-macam dibualkan dengan Mat Shah, pasal kawan-kawan, isu karier pekerjaan , pasal ekonomi dunia,pendapatan sampingan,kehidupan berfamili Mat Shah hinggalah ke isu-isu agama(kononnya :). Selesai bersarapan kami pergi ke rumah Mat Shah dan aku ambil kesempatan untuk tidur sebentar. Memang penat badan betul.Sebelum menuju ke rumah Asyudi, aku menjamu selera dengan keropok dan assyura hidangan ibu Shah.Memang bertuah jadi tetamu Mat Shah ni. sesudah minum tengahari dan menonton CSI:NY di rumah Mat Shah, kami terus menuju ke rumah bapa mertua Mat Shah yang terletak di Sungai Keladi, Pasir Mas (kalau tak silap). dari situ kami merancang untuk menaiki motosikal menuju ke Pulai Chondong. Tapi yang menariknya kami bakal menaiki motobot yang akan merentasi Sungai Kelantan. Perjalanan Pasir Mas-Pulai Chondong dapat dijimatkan sejauh 40km dengan menaiki motobot tersebut. Jeti motobot sesebut terletak berhampiran dengan Empangan Tali Air Kemubu(Mat Shah, betulkan cerita aku ni kalau tak betul) .

Memang aku seronok dengan perjalanan menaiki motobot ini.Sepanjang hidup aku cuma merentasi Sungai Kelantan dengan jambatan sahaja.Kali ini berpeluang menaiki bot. Bersama Mat Shah ,motosikal dan aku turut serta ialah sekumpulan 4 orang sefamili Cina yang ingin menaiki bot tersebut.Dengan baju merah baru mereka jelas menunjukkan mereka baru sahaja menyambut Tahun Baru Cina pada hari tersebut. Sedang aku meneruskan perjalanan ke seberang, famili tersebut berpatah balik , ialah cuma mahu merasai perjalanan merentasi Sungai Kelantan dengan bot. Teruja aku tapi yang kurang sedapnya, tiada ciri keselamatan. Ceit!!! kalau ada ciri keselamatan mungkin harganya tidak semurah RM1 seorang rasanya.Walaupun turut membawa motosikal harganya tetap RM1.

Kemudiannya kami tiba di rumah Asyudi yang terletak di Kampung Mulong , Pulai Chondong. Sewaktu turun dari motosikal, kelihatan si Asyudi sedang sibuk melayan tetamu. Asyudi sendiri agak terkejut ketibaan aku dengan menaiki motosikal ke majlis kendurinya. Yang penting aku selamat sampai ke majlis ini. Kami berbual panjang dengan pengantin di meja makan.Hal yang aku suka dengan kenduri di Kelantan ialah nasi berlauknya, Bukannya nasi beraini atau nasi minyak seperti di sebelah Johor dan negeri-negeri lain.Lauk gulai Kelantan memang aku suka .Ada sesetengah tempat turut menghidangkan manisan yang dibuat dari Labu, dan terdapat sekali sambal cili .Sorilah yek, aku tak ambil gambar makanan sebab segan dengan tetamu lain..:P(takde nilai-nilai photopgraper aku ni).

Selesai sudah.majlis kami kembali semula menaiki bot tersebut sekali lagi. Malam tersebut Mat Shah menghantar aku ke Lapangan Terbang Sultan Ismail Petra. Walaupun sebenarnya terdapat aktiviti keluarga pada malam tersebut, Mat Shah masih berkesempatan menghantar aku ke airport. Terima kasih yang teramat buat Mat Shah.Jasa anda amat aku hargai.Nanti boleh la aku datang menyibuk lagi ek.(gurau jek,jangan amik serius lak) .Perjalanan menaiki pesawat AirAsia ke Sepang mengambil masa 50 minit. Perjalanan agak kurang enak sedikit , kerana sebelum turun mendarat di KLIA , pesawat beberapa kali bergegar ketahap yang belum pernah aku rasai sebelum ini, dan memang rasa sedikit kurang selamat .Terdapat juga beberapa penumpang lain yang erat memegang kerusi masing-masing .Paling lega bila aku nampak cahaya dari lebuhraya PLUS dan kawasan sekitar Nilai.Sebelum itu sekitar pesawat cuma kelihatan kabus tebal.Pesawat juga berlegar beberapa kali di udara sebelum selamat mendarat di LCCT. Setibanya di LCCT terus aku duduk dalam bas dan tidur tanpa sedarkan diri beberapa kali kepala terantuk cermin dan stewardess yang duduk sebelah aku.Sori lah Kak Long ek, aku ngantuk amat sangat.

Aku tiba di Kelana Jaya lebih kurang jam 1 pagi.Alhamdullilah, Tamat sudah kembara 31 jam aku.Bertambahlah lagi cerita blog aku untuk ke sekian kalinya.Rencah kehidupan aku, buat tatapan kalian yang sudi membaca.

'Gula-gula' dari Boss

Suatu pagi yang murni...

"Bang Meor, dulu saya bertolak dari rumah pukul 7, pukul 10 baru lah saya sampai opis! Tapi hari ni saya bertolak pukul 7 , boleh sampai pukul 8 lak!"
"Aik camne boleh cepat lak ari ni?" , tanya Abang Meor.
"Ni laptop ni, yang model ni ringin gile."

Perbualan di atas adalah di antara ayat-ayat aku 'perhangat' kawan-kawan sepejabat. Rafi antara sasaran utama. Beliau dijanjikan laptop baru oleh bosnya buat sekian lamanya.

"Wah, Laptop baru ye Adun. Boss kau kasi ke? " , tanya Rafi.
"Takde lah... boss kau yang kasi pada aku..."

"Eh , apa nyibuk kat meja aku ni?" , tanya Norizal.
"Aku nak ukur berapa hasta laptop ko ni" , siap aku hulurkan lengan nak ukur persegi laptop si Norizal.

Memang ikhlas ke boss nak apprieciate aku ni? Atau sekadar kasi 'gula-gula' , nanti dia pulak join training di Eropah?