Target Below 1kg

One thing i dont like about outstation is my body weight.Makin berat beb! Increasing from time to time. I still remember what Nonie said when she met me at Semambu,Kuantan "Dah gemuk!!!" . Hehe . Mana tak. Bila outstation ,breakfast provided, Afternoon teamate ask to join for makan.Karang on the way back to Hotel, beli makanan lagik. ye lah Tidoo, no exersice. Weekend kekadang tido satu hari. When i am travel to some where like Riyard, of course i would like to eat something that Malaysia don't have. So my target is below 1 kg.Amin.

I dont think SA government menggalakkan outsider to come here. Some muslim take advantage to stay for their Haj. That why they are hardly to give visa .Hard to find broachers about Riyadh city. Even keychain pun hard with Riyadh or KSA word around the city. All city in the world have their own keychain/gift , Riyadh susah mau cari syeikh! Ask China to make it lah, the rest of the world done that, very cheap ma .The only place to find them was at Kingdom Tower, and i don’t like this tower. Why? Because they not allowed you to take picture by your own camera. Use their photographer. Elok lah tu untuk zaman digital camera ni . So aku amik gambar dari jauh je lah.

I had been to Bathaa on last Friday. Part of Riyadh old city. You could watch a lot of Indian,Pakistanhe ,Bangla and Filipino here . At Dira ,which is part of Bathaa, sebelah kot? ,there were a lot of jewelry shop, kedai serban and jubah Pak Arab, classic thing, carpet, abaya and also capal. But they are open after Asar. At Dira I could reach Masmak Fortress. I not sure about the history of this building, but it was one of Riyadh old identity. After Friday prayer I join the Pak Arab tido dalam Masjid. Letih oo lepas jalan tengahari summer nih. Even one of Pak Arab that i met using lepak minum air, advice me to lepak at mosque since I told him that I am muslim. If I not mistaken it was Imam Turki bin Abdullah Mosque, which next to Masmak Fortress.

p/s aku nak taruk gambar skit, tapi leceh aa, SA punye ISP filter kawkaw
:( padahal tak lucah pun


Anonymous said...

u engineer mana? cerita traveling baguslah.

Adun Karamba said...

telecommunication field.kalu berjalan cite aa..kalu tak mmg senyap gak blog nih