One Bad , One Good For me

About a month ago my boss promise to give training that suppose to held in Bangalore,India. The training will be for Celcom IN Prepaid team but of course some of my team will be there.Beginning of July while getting my passport replacementat Subang Imigresen Office , my boss called me.( i did 'lost' my passport ) .

Boss: Isti ,are you at imigresen office? (ketawa kecik)
Me: Yes , i am. Why any bad news?
Boss: Yeah, one bad, one good.

Me: What is it?
Boss: Your Bangalore training cancel.
Me: (aduhhh!!) Okeeyyy. Its ok, what to do... i am OK.

Boss: But i have to sent your somewhere else.
Me: ( yeahh!! ) What? Somewhere else? Where is it?
Boss: Saudi. They need temporary PSA engineer. So you will be there for another one month.

Me: Gosh!! another one month???
Boss: Are you OK with it?
Me: If you confident with me, i am OK. Thanks for recommand me Boss!

And today ,here i am Riyadh , SA*. The process of get a visa is a bit harder then Thailand temporary visa. You have to go to LHDN for stamping, Bank for Cheque Draft , Endorsement at any valid place and Saudi Embassy for sure.

I told my mum about trip to Saudi, about a month before the trip. Compare to bangkok trip which i told her 3 days before the trip. Hehe. Sejuk skit hati die dengar Saudi... :P

Booking my flight through Mei Yoke , Company executive for traveling .She book Cathay Pacific flight so i could reach there earlier. Tapi Najib and teamate marah with me, coz travel on weekend. Haha, rugi hari kerja they said. For accomodition, Mei Yoke made my booking at Sheraton Riyadh Hotel and Towers.

My Journeyto
My flight was at 930am 29th July. But of course, like always, i am too kiasu. I booked Airport Limo for trip from Kelana Jaya at 4 am. Sempat la ronda2 and breakfast at McD. Brought Sudoku Book of 250 pages at the KLIA Bookstore. Sudoku is to make sure i am not boring during flight. 3 and a half hours later i arrive at Hong Kong International Airport. Get my lunch there and wait another 2 hours for flight that will transit for a while at Bahrain.

When my flight arrive Bahrain , I take sometime to walking around Bahrain Airport. I found Post Office and sent a poscard to my self. Very stupid but at least a prove that i arrive Bahrain. Aduh, at that moment i already so damn very tired.

Finally , flight arrived at Riyadh at 22:00 29th July 2007 +3GMT. And the Hotel driver already waiting for me at the Arrival enterence. Riyadh Airport is very old design, Look like Senai Airport design during 80'ties. But big buildinglah. The driver drove me to Sheraton with a big Car which the brand was Mercury. If i not mistaken.Refer attached picture.White colour, yeah that the driver.

On Monday 30th July morning , report on duty at Company branch Office Riyadh, Abraj Atta'awuneya Tower. And met my teamate was Himmat and Mohammad. Mohammad will be on vacation and i was the replacement .They doing the server same like us at Kuala Lumpur for AlJawal.

They teach me a lot about their server. And the best part was there have alot of script that i could use and help me alot.Haha. So kerja gua become easier dude!

Aduh, malas nak tulis nanti sambung. There are some picture that i cant upload due to block by *SA ISP. Will update late.Tata.

*SA = Saudi Arabia


iekaz said...

so i c... u are an engineer.. for wic company? celcom? haha.. just guessing! well, no wonder la u've been travelling around all by urself. takkan your company wana send a troop of engineers to complete each assignment, ye tak?

well, enjoy urself there while u can!

Adun Karamba said...

ika,,celcom tu x aku,dah kecewa bercinta,cinta satu arah, aku clash aa, huk huk

iekaz said...

hbs tu keje mane? btw, do i know u in person?

Adun Karamba said...

resign celkom, tapi still buat keje utk celkom.better pay. I dont know u, and u dont know me in person. lost in blog.

geeGrik said...

jauh nya pusing nak sampai riyadh. takde direct flight ke. ooo ko buat PSA hehehe....

ani ishak said...

salam n hi abg Zu..feel free 2 attend my graduationday on 3rd sept...Otherwise u can post me a keychain (nak yg pewter nyer blehh?)from there. Ekekeke.
Take care =)

Adun Karamba said...

hi sister ku ani,
macam tak leh pergi je ur graduation tu. still looking for sourvenir , tak jumpe lagik nih. taking care too.
p/s important .pass ur updated resume to me please!

nurminah said...


resume aku xmo ke?..hehehe..arghhh tensen..

JBM8141 said...

gi umrah la alang2 dah sampai tu. hehehe duit banyak2, org suruh beli crv takmo, suruh kawin takmo, haa buat ibadat banyak2.

Adun Karamba said...

gee: direct flight ada, tapi saja nak gi HK

nurminah: pas aa,sian aku tgk ko

bad: takde org nak cover aku kat riyadh,kalu aku gi umrah, taksempat kot

ani ishak said...

email adres abg Zu btol ker x btol.
i tried 2 send u my resume, but failed le plak.

Adun Karamba said... depan tu macam kat atas .tanak letak full sbb takut kena spam. kalu tak dpt gak.sms

Anonymous said...

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Adun Karamba said...

thank otai, good idea, but not my blog stail (at this moment) :) , instead sebelum ni i use a proper BM ,but i really like ur idea , i apprieciate it and i consider it as creative.