Ronda Riyadh

This weekend i also have assignments(with S,plural). At Saudi weekend was on Thursday and Friday. The problem was operator at Malaysia and Thailand like to have activity Thursday Morning or Friday morning. So weekend macam tak weekend langsung. But it ok since there is not night live at Riyadh.

Went for outing , but i dont know the place around . So ask taxi driver to go to some where that have tamar and halwa. At least i know place around my Hotel. People in Riyadh only open their shop after Asar, or maybe for summer only because current weather is damn hot, around 42 Celcius in the afternoon. There is Aweez souk near to Sheraton that about 3 minutes drive. A lot of Arab choice of Arabic stail market. Thanks driver
This is picture of saudi youth playing soccer.Remember, they almost become Asian champion last month.
Now i know there are a few pasar that i could reach within 3 minutes travel by taxi.and on the next junction after Sheraton actually there were a lot of Arabic restaurant. Tapi arab makan byk!! Last week i did have dinner with Harun Nayan near to his house. "Mandi" the name of the nasi with ayam. Tak habis sebab kitorang kecik je nak perabis seekor ayam. But very delicious.

I never know that kurma is yellow colour till i arrived Saudi. And i arrived at the right time. Musim kurma tengah berbuah. Just nice before ramadan.There are few kurma tree around STC office. It tasted kelat and sweet. I really hope that i wil be here again in Ramadan kalau ada rejeki.

My advice : Buy lotion if you come to Riyadh during summer. Merekah kulit gua beb!

This is picture of Riyadh city from Kingdom Tower using my mobile phone. They not allow any camera in this skybridge. But mobile phone is OK.


Anonymous said...

adun .. maner gambar kuak lentang kat padang pasir besamer el unta lah ...

Adun Karamba said...

sori aa,,aku tak sempat nak terlentang aa kali nih.kat riyadh nih, mmg tak tourist friendly sgt, magnet tulis riyadh or saudi pun takde, keychain takde, takde tourist agent pusing bandar , nak wat umrah lagi a tak sempat, lain kali lakk ekk.