Royal Thailand Embassy

What a tired day! 8 am at Terminal Subang Imigresen Office. Got my Emergency Passport at 9.30 am. Goverment charged me RM50 for that Emergency Passport. This passport only valid for one trip to specific destnation. I think i should glue this Passport on my forehead to avoid the same problem to happen again.

After that straight away my bike to Royal Thailand Embassy Jalan Ampang for the visa. Please note that if you use Normal Malaysia International Passport you won't need for visa to travel to Thailand and you could stay up to 30 days. But for Emergency Passport, you need to apply for visa. I did call Thailand Embassy yesterday asking for visa procedure , and the operator informed me that for visa application , i should come from 930 am to 1130 am. There are few people at there and at last minutes i still call my project manager ask for contact address at Bangkok. fuyyy!!!

Alhamdulillah i manage to finish all the process at 1110 am. The last thing i should do was collect for my visa tomorrw at 1130 am. Dont ever lost your passport because some country did not accept Emergency Passport. Please read here for more info(but not updated since 2001) or here. Pstt.. Brunei is one of them.

1150 am arrive office and after sit for about 10 minutes, Jenifer ask me to join lunch with a few Celketom staff. One of them is Aziha. Yes, that hensom Kelantan boy now become fatty dad.Semi fatty i think. We did exchange each other latest office gossip and other thing like career oppurtunity and so on. He also expressed that he also looking for offer same like you all. Of course lah, 5 years already in the same place. Hehe.

What i am going to do for the rest of the day? Update this blog, prepare for Bangkok documentation, act like i am doing smart thing and blaa bla bla. Damn sleepy.

God, help me

Would i able deliver the task adventure to this moment? Well, luckily task i delivered recently quite easy. Not as easy as Next,Next, Next, Insert Serial Number and Finish.Or slot out card, slot in card and press reset button. Easy now, maybe the new task will be tough. My scope involves Unix, hentam kromo and try and error concept. I wonder...what's next challenge be in my project list ? My boss asked me this 2 weeks ago.
"Hey, Do you want to go to Bangkok?"
"For what?"
"Itu TA project la.We have 2 change requests to deliver"
"You ask me to go, i go la"
"Yeah, i ask you to die ,then you die la" , he grins.

Since most of my team busy with their own task. Seems not enough manpower for this situation. Probably that's what a manager should do...right? I do respect my current Boss. He gives and takes you, but of course you have to be the same. Being a family man he is and committed to a dreadfully busy career. And,also very religous, unlike me and mior. Mior the most la.Hehe... The project manager has forwarded me all related email and documents. Looks like he's very proactive. I hate in dealing to proactive people but,sometimes i think i should because these proactive people helps lazy people like me.Not that lazy, just need a kick in the butt!

I'm not sure about the system, i could try to figure out. My dateline is end of this month to learn something and rape my test server in all positions in Karmasutra.These equipments gonna have best time of its system than me...Hopefully it wont kaput in climaxing.

So...what would i do in Bangkok? Anuar told me about Aquarium, PatPong. He visited it during his training at Bangkok. I wonder what kind of training his team mate have at Bangkok. Gosh...I am so naive. And LV being supportive, recommends me for Thai massage. What happen to all you guys ? I'll stay away from these tantalizing & temptations. May ALLAH helps me. Please , Bangkok is a clean city. But will my virgin will lost at the door of the hotel or as soon i arrive in Bangkok? Then, i remembered Pokdir.

Then, last week i found out i lost my passport. Damned! What to do? Went to Imigresen Pusat Bandar Damansara KL. The officer told me to go Terminal 2 ,Subang Airport. The bad part on my side was to get a copy my Surat Beranak and its in my hometown. My Mum kept the original of all childrens. Happy Mother's Day, Ma. Luckily, Adik Ain and Abang Am helped me. They scanned from my home town then emailed me. Thank GOD... we have internet and Celcom 3G Unlimited and TMNet Streymx.

I pray i could still make it for Bangkok. Amin.... hehe...please amin for my wish.

Take this seriously, never ever lose your passport...Ive been a bad boy losing it. Believe me, it'll ruined your day, with all the running around,wanting to slap someone rain and no need paying much for the parking.

A bike, a cab, a bus and my self.

It have been 3 years i am using the same moto bike. This bike almost become a killer. I am damn scared to my bike! euuhhh, love ya, my ugly bike. Now i decide to keep 3 of my latest monthly salary slip for a car loan. I think Bank Negara Malaysie already have my name registered to a car loan and one homeloan. Hopefully there is a bank that dare to give me some money for investment of unprofitable asset.

Which car should i buy? Some of my exofficemate express their angryness(betul ke perkataan akunih?) when i mention that i would like to buy for a MyVii.
"Kalau nak stakat MyVii baik tak yah tukar kerja" , hehe, a nasty sentence for a non-hensom engineer, saja nak kasi aku berapi lah tu. But please be inform that my current Customer Manager only using a MyVii. But she travel to Europe almost every year lah.
Then what car that they recommand me? Lastest model of CRV 2007. Of course it is affordable me to pay for that model, but is it necessary for me?

Ok, may be i should list out my defination of transport.
-Easy to maintain - any car can be maintance when u got enough money.
-Easy to sell - of course lah Japan brand, but now its hard for u sell any brand.
-Wei kereta! Takyah tunggu panas, Terus Jalan!! - if i do this to brand new car mmg sayang lah, so i think i should do this to a 2nd car,or guna fully sintetic oil engine.
-Could be repair by Workshop next to Cerry Tree -Wira or old model car could be repair by workshop tepi pokok ceri, But most of new car will be go to autorize service center, i guess.
-Still maintain my class -Nak pakai BMW ke?hoho, berlagak siut.Ingat! jgn jadi hamba keta

My decision at this moment? still with
1.use taxi(sbb malas cari parking keta+hujan),
2.use my bike(sbb tanak tempuh jem), bus ticket for long journey(malas letih2 nak drive+nak tido sepenjang journey+takde family lagi),
and car for hari raya balik kampung(mahal a skit, tapi dah mampu, nak wat camne.hoho.

I will reevaluate my decision after next 3 month + i write this because it is a boring Wednesday holiday. At least you have something to read with a broken grammer.

Car for Sale

Kancil 2003 Manual
Accident free
660cc WKQ
One name