Royal Thailand Embassy

What a tired day! 8 am at Terminal Subang Imigresen Office. Got my Emergency Passport at 9.30 am. Goverment charged me RM50 for that Emergency Passport. This passport only valid for one trip to specific destnation. I think i should glue this Passport on my forehead to avoid the same problem to happen again.

After that straight away my bike to Royal Thailand Embassy Jalan Ampang for the visa. Please note that if you use Normal Malaysia International Passport you won't need for visa to travel to Thailand and you could stay up to 30 days. But for Emergency Passport, you need to apply for visa. I did call Thailand Embassy yesterday asking for visa procedure , and the operator informed me that for visa application , i should come from 930 am to 1130 am. There are few people at there and at last minutes i still call my project manager ask for contact address at Bangkok. fuyyy!!!

Alhamdulillah i manage to finish all the process at 1110 am. The last thing i should do was collect for my visa tomorrw at 1130 am. Dont ever lost your passport because some country did not accept Emergency Passport. Please read here for more info(but not updated since 2001) or here. Pstt.. Brunei is one of them.

1150 am arrive office and after sit for about 10 minutes, Jenifer ask me to join lunch with a few Celketom staff. One of them is Aziha. Yes, that hensom Kelantan boy now become fatty dad.Semi fatty i think. We did exchange each other latest office gossip and other thing like career oppurtunity and so on. He also expressed that he also looking for offer same like you all. Of course lah, 5 years already in the same place. Hehe.

What i am going to do for the rest of the day? Update this blog, prepare for Bangkok documentation, act like i am doing smart thing and blaa bla bla. Damn sleepy.


JBM8141 said...

oit you are heading for bangkok aaa? dont get naughty aaa. be careful for that tut-tut guys. never follow them to any shop that they recommend you to go, they'll bring u pusing2 and wasting your time and money...