Lost at Rachadapisek Rd

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Currently i was here at Great Kingdom Of Thailand. Wonderful country. My Project Manager advice HR to to book this hotel for me. Because he said easy for me. A lot of kedai makan around. May be he forgot that i am muslim. I don't mind coz i think it a good thrill for me actually.

They provide me Executive Suite, top floor, unlimited internet(but cannot view my checkbox in the right side),a friendly staff, especially bellboy(even i dont give tips at all). During my tea time, hotel staff sit on the floor(duduk bersipuh) to explain about hotel benefit that i could enjoy. Very interesting,hah! Very cultural. I think i should enjoy all these benefit for a while. Ye lah , god gift. During night , i start to ask about MRT station and place around. Nearest MRT station was about 400m , 7-Eleven is another 300m. Since i 'have anything to do, so i walk to the 7-Eleven. What i surprice was from hotel to the 7-E , there are about 8 massage center. Next to next!Well i start to know Bangkok now. I think this is what Pang call ShangriLa.

I had chat with Dakmat.Previously he had been here. So he suggest me few place to visit and tips of the city. But of course a good onelah including Halal restaurant. Thanks Dakmat. But 'haram' that next to next may interrupt those halal one. Ishhk!! Rasa macam tumbuh tanduk!

Here at Rachadapisek Rd. There people call Racha if i not mistaken. Very jem location. For the next 1 month i will be stuck here wth those neon light keep blinking every night and i cant see them through my suite window. Damn! I also plan to snap those statue at temple to keep my tour stay to the objective and like those in Bali. Then i remember, my mum suggest me to join my grandmother and aunt for Umrah. :) . Any comment?


geeGrik said...

aku dulu cuma pi MBK ngan chat tu chak. aku tak pi patpong. kat situ ada tarian bogel laki. aku rasa ko suka lah adun. pergilah. kalau ko nak tempat best best cuma ko tanya own. dia dulu bertapa kat situ =))

Adun Karamba said...

damn horny!! tarianlelaki ekk. ko mmg pandang aku macam tu dari dulu ek gee!! please forgive me god. aku takde plan nak gi patpong, sbb security reason,kalu jumpe geng sini ok aa.lagipun kat bawah tu byk siut. 8 sederet.

JBM8141 said...

yo zunnasri
go to baiyoke tower la, the highest building in bangkok. there u can find quite lots of halal restaurants. for solat jumaat, go to indon embassy. there's also sort of an IT block (like digital mall) around the indon embassy too. and on the same road, find Soi 7, u can find another mosque and a Pattani resaturant, his owner is Anwar or Azhar, cant remember... nice guy, quite softie but nice... can speak malay very well. but of course u like challenges, so forget it la. figure it out yourself wahahaha