Wasted Resources

Damn. My boss bising already to Project Manager. There might some delay to next week for my execution time coz this company have global title migration grom 9 to 10 digit ,i think. Why should delay? This project already for about a year. I am here, let me execute them. Last week activity that i implement also drag for 2 years.

Boss say waste of resouces and ask to bring me back for a while. But then the Project Manager remind him that my passport was Emergency type. Only could be use for one time and i already ask for 30 days visa. Hehe, i replay the email.... " diluah mati mak di telan mati bapak, i will try to push customer ...bla bala bla...". Cross my finger for tomorrow.

May be day time downtime. But OK coz its very low traffic equipment.


Anonymous said...

gud lak. jgn kena bom dah la.

btw, cantik layout baru.

Adun Karamba said...

thank afza, kat sini sume slamat.hehe