Numbering Plan

Thailand mobile number had increase from 9 digit to 10 start from September 1,2006 . Yesterday our customer had migrate their Global Title of Network Element (MSC, STP etc) to 10 digit too.But i am not involve in that activity.My activity will be tomorrow.

Malaysia had migrate Central Region number to 8 number last time too.I wonder when would Malaysia mobile number digit will increase too. And then we will keep receiving stupid promotion/advertisement from Content Provider. Operator not helping you at all to unsubscriber those advert. We have moobile phone without strict regulation about Content Provider from our goverment body. Coz somebody make money through it and i dont get money when i try to stop it. Good excuse.

Click to know about our world number plan. In Malaysia, you have to press 0 for llocal number to start dialing. Example: 038888xxxx, 0133000xxx. But certain country like Cayman Islands using 1 instead of 0. Depend on goverment. Happy clicking.


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