What we could do in Bangkok during Friday afternoon

I still dont understand with most of my friend that always talking to me about massage when i talk about my trip to Bangkok. Instead Gee still saiko me to have sex?? Damn, world is cruel. So to have clean my self from all those toy, i did my responsibility to the All Mighty during Friday afternoon so that i think could change my mind, point to the right direction.

I know about this mosque about 3 days ago.Not far from the site which is about 500m walk. And some stall near to the mosque so i have my lunch there , but i have difficulty to order the food. Luckly there is a school teacher from one of Ugama school there able to help me. Alhamdulillah. He mention to me that there are few Malaysian also have Friday prayer there, but they already gone when i order my food. His name was Muharamm.Thanks dude.


geeGrik said...

Tapi aku rasa, ko dah tgk TV berbayar kat hotel tue :P. movie title will not appear in your bill :P
Massage pun ko tak buat. kalau tak buat, ko yang saiko sebenarnye.

Adun Karamba said...

ok aa,,aku gi massage tapak kaki aku nih :P