Received a new laptop today. All software already installed by third party IT department before deliver to HR. Excited? nope coz boss start to give me a few task.

Second day at Damansara

Got another offer last friday so i could not use cute icon in my email. Today is my second day of that offer. First day working at here is like very familiar place.Coz i knew all my teamate, my new boss is actually one of my technical reference during my previous company. he also teach me a lot and we have a lot of give and take during our previous project and technical problem we been face before. Same to all my new teamate. Some of them are my x-senior.

'Did you remove your mobile number in our sms alarm', Teamate A ask me
'Not yet' , my answer
'So just maintain laaa, no need to remove'

This is among my first day conversation.

Enviroment is same ,as much as previous company. Buzy , phone keep ringing all the time , meeting , troubleshooting , emailing etc. But now at the otherside . Luckily i did not get my email yet, so i could not start anything at this moment. InsyaAllah i will try to perform as much as i did before or even better.Amin.

I want to write a lot of thing but i could not tell you here , so just let some of my tukang goreng pass the story, or even make their own version.

i think i did some spelling spoil...hehee..baca ajelah