Second day at Damansara

Got another offer last friday so i could not use cute icon in my email. Today is my second day of that offer. First day working at here is like very familiar place.Coz i knew all my teamate, my new boss is actually one of my technical reference during my previous company. he also teach me a lot and we have a lot of give and take during our previous project and technical problem we been face before. Same to all my new teamate. Some of them are my x-senior.

'Did you remove your mobile number in our sms alarm', Teamate A ask me
'Not yet' , my answer
'So just maintain laaa, no need to remove'

This is among my first day conversation.

Enviroment is same ,as much as previous company. Buzy , phone keep ringing all the time , meeting , troubleshooting , emailing etc. But now at the otherside . Luckily i did not get my email yet, so i could not start anything at this moment. InsyaAllah i will try to perform as much as i did before or even better.Amin.

I want to write a lot of thing but i could not tell you here , so just let some of my tukang goreng pass the story, or even make their own version.

i think i did some spelling spoil...hehee..baca ajelah


JBM8141 said...

oi lepas ni kalau prepaid tak boleh buat call kat uganda pun aku cari kau wahahah...

aku goreng kata ko bakal ganti wan zainal, nak tak??? mau bulau bijik mata, geng...