Bangkok City Trip

Last time ,when i working with Celketom , Fit and me always plan to join Abang Sani (Kak Jun's husband) during his outstation trip. His regular destination was Finland and Taiwan. But never make it, because of financial situation .Now, i had a trip to Bangkok, since this is the oppurtunity, Fit join me. This is our travel story for u to read.

Destination 1 - Suan Lum Night Bazaar, Travel by MRT from Huai Kwang Staion to Lumphini. The bazaar was next to Lumphini Station.This place have a lot of sourviner and Tshirt.
Muslim food: Next to Entrance from MRT station,there was a line of open food stalls on the parking lot .At first Fit would like to see those food which obviously non-muslim food. But we found out that the last stall which is next to the MRT station was muslim stall. This stall offer local muslim food.

Destination 2 - Chatuchak Weekend Market, Travel via MRT station to Chatuchak Station. This Market have a lot of (this one very big market) sourviner, tshirt, cloth, shoe , food and etc.It was open on Saturday and Sunday. Dont miss this market if you in Bangkok.
Muslim Food: Look for a tower in the centre of this market. Then look for the 'door' of this tower. There was a Muslim stall at section 16 facing this 'door'.This stall offer local muslim food also beryani and sate.
Destination 3 - MBK Center ,Travel via BTS to National Stadium Station. Shopping complex with a lot of Mobile Phone Shop.Very a lot of them. Believe me.
Destination 4 - Hard Rock Cafe. Fit want to buy T-shirt. To complete his collection.
Destination 5 - PatPhong Market. We come here to complete the list of important destination. But when you go through this market, definately you could have a view in side of bar on the both side of market. There a a lot of peraih will get you. And a lot of girl on the table with their bikini. Good view and good rating. Please have a drink in the bar if you want a close view. Make sure you order your drink. :)
Destination 6 - Our destination for dinner. Phechaburi rd, Soi 7. There are muslim kampung here.
We ask the waiter " What you have? ",
she ask me back " Nak order apa? ".
Keep in your English for a while, most of them using Malay language but Kelantanese one.

Destination 7 - Wat Arun, Buddha temple locate at the edge of Chao Phraya River.we go to the end of BTS route which is Saphan Taksin station. But after arrive at the station we had our lunch first before boat ride.After lunch we have boat travel to those canal, and i can say those canal is not recommanded. :P .Better go straight to Wat Arun, unless if u was there 7am in morning. There was small floating market.Which i not sure what it looks like.The Big floating market locate 1 hour travel from Bangkok(check in the internet).
Muslim Food - at Saphan Taksin station,walk along Charoen Krung rd(if i not mistaken) you will pass Robinson Shopping Mall on your left.After about 500m, you will see State Tower Bangkok on your right(about 5 floor building). And keep go straight, there was Muslim Restaurant on your left.
Destination 8 - IT City. Locate next to Indonesian Embassy. Same as Low Yatt Plaza.Travel by BTS ,go to Rachadhewi station and go toward Phecheburi Road, and turn right.Walk about 700m,IT City Mall will be on your right, after Indonesian Embassy.
Destination 9 - Baiyoke Tower 2 . Your could see the whole view of Bangkok city from this observation deck. The tallest building in Bangkok at this moment.
Muslim Food - We had our dinner at Maedah Restaurant.Arabic and local food. I am not sure the road name , but between Baiyoke tower 1 and tower 2 , near to 7-Eleven.
I will post some picture when i finish edit them.

What we could do in Bangkok during Friday afternoon

I still dont understand with most of my friend that always talking to me about massage when i talk about my trip to Bangkok. Instead Gee still saiko me to have sex?? Damn, world is cruel. So to have clean my self from all those toy, i did my responsibility to the All Mighty during Friday afternoon so that i think could change my mind, point to the right direction.

I know about this mosque about 3 days ago.Not far from the site which is about 500m walk. And some stall near to the mosque so i have my lunch there , but i have difficulty to order the food. Luckly there is a school teacher from one of Ugama school there able to help me. Alhamdulillah. He mention to me that there are few Malaysian also have Friday prayer there, but they already gone when i order my food. His name was Muharamm.Thanks dude.

New Petchaburi Rd


Tired.Start at 9 , come back at 9. Installation takes about 1 hour only. Give downtime about 2 and half our. The rest is test with our customer roaming partners wich is Bangledash, Hong Kong and Singapore. The whole live traffic test success is success. But the problem was our test tools not working,give a wrong rate to our test condition. Gong and i did check until about 9pm .

I ask my fellow teamate, all buzy. Developer give me guide how to configure rating part. Yeah! i did all the thing. Several time and i also modify everything even something i never tried. But good, got a lot of explanation that i wonder ever since i start learn about hp-ux.

At the end Gong found out that SMSC test server give wrong tme stamp. My server which is another , rate base on timestamp transaction of Gong server. I dont even think to check that time stamp and it was state in the log, but in unix format lah.I only check my log time stamp bro! Penat! Habis aku kalik the whole server. Yeah, restart everything!

There also tea lady ask about my cheap 3G phone through one of the staff. Tell them the model, coz they wonder about the model , but in Thailand , only Hutchison provide 3G (the smallest player). Normally international Engineer in Bangkok like Gong have their ADSL account at home.

Gong is a local people of Bangkok and working to the same company like me but base in Bangkok. Gong is his nick name, we talk alot about everything. I found out that is very easy to talk English with Thailand people coz we have the same way, tone, tatabahasa . I dont need to talk like American or Mat Slleh style. Just sembur ikut suka. But some taxi driver didnt talk English, but still they could deliver you to the destination,in my case.

Numbering Plan

Thailand mobile number had increase from 9 digit to 10 start from September 1,2006 . Yesterday our customer had migrate their Global Title of Network Element (MSC, STP etc) to 10 digit too.But i am not involve in that activity.My activity will be tomorrow.

Malaysia had migrate Central Region number to 8 number last time too.I wonder when would Malaysia mobile number digit will increase too. And then we will keep receiving stupid promotion/advertisement from Content Provider. Operator not helping you at all to unsubscriber those advert. We have moobile phone without strict regulation about Content Provider from our goverment body. Coz somebody make money through it and i dont get money when i try to stop it. Good excuse.

Click to know about our world number plan. In Malaysia, you have to press 0 for llocal number to start dialing. Example: 038888xxxx, 0133000xxx. But certain country like Cayman Islands using 1 instead of 0. Depend on goverment. Happy clicking.

Wasted Resources

Damn. My boss bising already to Project Manager. There might some delay to next week for my execution time coz this company have global title migration grom 9 to 10 digit ,i think. Why should delay? This project already for about a year. I am here, let me execute them. Last week activity that i implement also drag for 2 years.

Boss say waste of resouces and ask to bring me back for a while. But then the Project Manager remind him that my passport was Emergency type. Only could be use for one time and i already ask for 30 days visa. Hehe, i replay the email.... " diluah mati mak di telan mati bapak, i will try to push customer ...bla bala bla...". Cross my finger for tomorrow.

May be day time downtime. But OK coz its very low traffic equipment.

Lost at Rachadapisek Rd

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Currently i was here at Great Kingdom Of Thailand. Wonderful country. My Project Manager advice HR to to book this hotel for me. Because he said easy for me. A lot of kedai makan around. May be he forgot that i am muslim. I don't mind coz i think it a good thrill for me actually.

They provide me Executive Suite, top floor, unlimited internet(but cannot view my checkbox in the right side),a friendly staff, especially bellboy(even i dont give tips at all). During my tea time, hotel staff sit on the floor(duduk bersipuh) to explain about hotel benefit that i could enjoy. Very interesting,hah! Very cultural. I think i should enjoy all these benefit for a while. Ye lah , god gift. During night , i start to ask about MRT station and place around. Nearest MRT station was about 400m , 7-Eleven is another 300m. Since i 'have anything to do, so i walk to the 7-Eleven. What i surprice was from hotel to the 7-E , there are about 8 massage center. Next to next!Well i start to know Bangkok now. I think this is what Pang call ShangriLa.

I had chat with Dakmat.Previously he had been here. So he suggest me few place to visit and tips of the city. But of course a good onelah including Halal restaurant. Thanks Dakmat. But 'haram' that next to next may interrupt those halal one. Ishhk!! Rasa macam tumbuh tanduk!

Here at Rachadapisek Rd. There people call Racha if i not mistaken. Very jem location. For the next 1 month i will be stuck here wth those neon light keep blinking every night and i cant see them through my suite window. Damn! I also plan to snap those statue at temple to keep my tour stay to the objective and like those in Bali. Then i remember, my mum suggest me to join my grandmother and aunt for Umrah. :) . Any comment?