Tired.Start at 9 , come back at 9. Installation takes about 1 hour only. Give downtime about 2 and half our. The rest is test with our customer roaming partners wich is Bangledash, Hong Kong and Singapore. The whole live traffic test success is success. But the problem was our test tools not working,give a wrong rate to our test condition. Gong and i did check until about 9pm .

I ask my fellow teamate, all buzy. Developer give me guide how to configure rating part. Yeah! i did all the thing. Several time and i also modify everything even something i never tried. But good, got a lot of explanation that i wonder ever since i start learn about hp-ux.

At the end Gong found out that SMSC test server give wrong tme stamp. My server which is another , rate base on timestamp transaction of Gong server. I dont even think to check that time stamp and it was state in the log, but in unix format lah.I only check my log time stamp bro! Penat! Habis aku kalik the whole server. Yeah, restart everything!

There also tea lady ask about my cheap 3G phone through one of the staff. Tell them the model, coz they wonder about the model , but in Thailand , only Hutchison provide 3G (the smallest player). Normally international Engineer in Bangkok like Gong have their ADSL account at home.

Gong is a local people of Bangkok and working to the same company like me but base in Bangkok. Gong is his nick name, we talk alot about everything. I found out that is very easy to talk English with Thailand people coz we have the same way, tone, tatabahasa . I dont need to talk like American or Mat Slleh style. Just sembur ikut suka. But some taxi driver didnt talk English, but still they could deliver you to the destination,in my case.