A bike, a cab, a bus and my self.

It have been 3 years i am using the same moto bike. This bike almost become a killer. I am damn scared to my bike! euuhhh, love ya, my ugly bike. Now i decide to keep 3 of my latest monthly salary slip for a car loan. I think Bank Negara Malaysie already have my name registered to a car loan and one homeloan. Hopefully there is a bank that dare to give me some money for investment of unprofitable asset.

Which car should i buy? Some of my exofficemate express their angryness(betul ke perkataan akunih?) when i mention that i would like to buy for a MyVii.
"Kalau nak stakat MyVii baik tak yah tukar kerja" , hehe, a nasty sentence for a non-hensom engineer, saja nak kasi aku berapi lah tu. But please be inform that my current Customer Manager only using a MyVii. But she travel to Europe almost every year lah.
Then what car that they recommand me? Lastest model of CRV 2007. Of course it is affordable me to pay for that model, but is it necessary for me?

Ok, may be i should list out my defination of transport.
-Easy to maintain - any car can be maintance when u got enough money.
-Easy to sell - of course lah Japan brand, but now its hard for u sell any brand.
-Wei kereta! Takyah tunggu panas, Terus Jalan!! - if i do this to brand new car mmg sayang lah, so i think i should do this to a 2nd car,or guna fully sintetic oil engine.
-Could be repair by Workshop next to Cerry Tree -Wira or old model car could be repair by workshop tepi pokok ceri, But most of new car will be go to autorize service center, i guess.
-Still maintain my class -Nak pakai BMW ke?hoho, berlagak siut.Ingat! jgn jadi hamba keta

My decision at this moment? still with
1.use taxi(sbb malas cari parking keta+hujan),
2.use my bike(sbb tanak tempuh jem),
3.buy bus ticket for long journey(malas letih2 nak drive+nak tido sepenjang journey+takde family lagi),
4.rent car for hari raya balik kampung(mahal a skit, tapi dah mampu, nak wat camne.hoho.

I will reevaluate my decision after next 3 month + i write this because it is a boring Wednesday holiday. At least you have something to read with a broken grammer.

Car for Sale

Kancil 2003 Manual
Accident free
660cc WKQ
One name


geeGrik said...

Buying a car at late 20s is a must. MyVi is a wise decision. Save money for your vacation and future hehe

KilroY said...

myVi is an economical plus comfortable car...engineered for fun..:D

bleh bukak club myVi ngan aku pasni.. :)

JBM8141 said...

hahaha CRV 2007 la oi!!!! ok, seriously, myvi la adun. sedap bawak, easy maintain (perodua punya service centre pun ok), capacity selesa, ...kalau nak bagi cantik lagi pun boleh.

tapi lagi bijak kalau dekat2 nak kawin nanti baru beli keta. setkt solo lagi ni, tak yah la. bawak moto pelan2 dah le.

Adun Karamba said...

aku nye plan nak settlekan umah dlm masa 10 tahun,amin .hahahah , tapi skrg loan tak matang lagila.