Soalan : Awat lama tak post blog hang?

Jawapan: Saja ...

After came back from Saudi, i am busy with our local customer, do this and that. Change this and that. On my part, i lie this and that. I said this and that. The best part was problem on weekend and the fact was no solution during that weekend. What i did was be around customer, and berlakon try to do this and that, asking question to support at Europe through email. We also have customer that like to have Conference Call all the time. Why? so they could be updated . Respect customer beb. Balik rumah buat claim siap-siap.

I hate some Europen with their kedekut ilmu stail. Some of them ok. Weekend diorg tanak kerja. Ilmu tanak bagi. Bila time ada problem ni, tanak kerja. Is this kind of people that you want them to take over Proton? Memang tak membangun la jawabnya. Nothing you could learn from them. As Malaysian, what we should do was , blaja , sedut ilmu, then hantar surat resign..hehe

Ok another story: I dont know how to classify my self.

Soalan:Adun, bila nak angkat kereta?

Jawapan: AKu tak kuat aa nak angkat, annti kena hempap!!

The most question that i faced at this moment, beside Soalan Abg Meor "mana org rumah?". I have few attitude. I dont like traffic jam. I dont like to look for a parking space. But New Lancer looks yummy lah..Khaw(my ex-officemate) already racun gua. Gaya , Mutu, Keunggulan. Naik teksilah senang.I also dont have nasfu membeli melampaui keperluan or may be i should try Najib stail, "Beli la moto besar skit" Ok gak, will be consider :) .Thsi week i have conversation with Najib and Wandy, there is Naza skuter model, which is GTR150, Taiwan made actually. Macam MZ mostiko punye stail lah. COuld fit my budget but not my height, mau terjengkit kaki aku. Hehe. Even my brother and sis dah berseloroh about me and car, but i said to them that i will buy a bus for my family.jokinggg... . Najib and me also been discuss about rent a car if you wanna go back to your home town. would be ok for bachelor that have no car at all. good discussion actually.

Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa kepada semua yang membaca Tulissan Adun.


Anonymous said...

hu3 pakai moto lagi senang nk cilok2.
xpon, beli keta, pastuh bg ani gune.

Anonymous said...

isk, xleh begitu cik ani.
z ni dah nk ada lesen keta.
so bleh la d berikan kpd z pabila
adun tiada di kota malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Respek tul aku adun..ko tak berubah sejak aku kenal dari melaka dulu. Money spent must serve its purposed..

Adun Karamba said...

tu aje ke? pasal aku yg pemurah, baik ati tanak cite ke? hehe..anyway thank dude