Pakistan 1

Read this news about blast at Karachi during Benazir rally.She skiped unhurt. Actually Boss already instructed me to finalize my visa and it complete yesterday evening.After read the news , i did called Ma and Abah mention about blast at Karachi.Since they already knew about my working scenario , they are not that worry but still concern.Plus i am not working at Karachi but Islamabad.

Ermm.. but being smart ,i try to exercise this pepatah "Menangguk di air yg keruh", i planned to talk to my boss about level of safety at Pakistan and try to bargain perdiem that i suppose to receive. Yalah, ambil kesempatan .Eversince i start working in multiraces enviroment, i am very calculative every penny i earn and spend. Hehe. Hopefully the project still on and no more postpone.Amin.

Najib for sure happy coz he skip for this project :P