Pakistan 3 - Trip to Rawalpindi

Still stuck with Pakistani project. I need to force my self and customer to finished it by this comning week. Since my visa will be end on 23rd Nov, my boss give a suggestion for me to have trip to Dubai and then come back to Islamabad to renew my visa .I have Pakistan 30 days of
multiple entry visa which valid for 1 year. Good choise but i promise my self to finished it without Dubai trip.Amin.

On Saturday 10th Nov i went to Rawalpindi with about 40 km from Islamabad. And it give me view of truly South Asia city. Havoc, of course not hygiene as KL. A bit shock but still acceptable for me. Other then me , i only found 2 foreigner in this city. I went to Sadar Bazaaar , Rawalpindi Railway station and Raja Bazaar. Tried some local tepi jalan food and also air tebu, and did not have any diarea on the next day.Syukur. Korang penah tgk tak gembala kambing bawak balik kambing dari makan rumput? aaa in this buzy road of Raja Bazaar, i saw them , and i really confious because this location is exactly in the middle of city!!! During my return trip, i got taxi driver that really talkative . He speak in Urdu, and i speak English. He keep talking non stop, scold other taxi. Talk to people around. Even ask me to bring him back to Malaysia.scary beb.It is the way he make joke. hehe.Only smile when he talk ,

Ekceli i did my trip on the right day. Aday before ,On friday most of the road at Rawalpindi are still closed ,due to Emergency status and Police with gun is all around the city. Gun is every where here ,even at Islamabad, i could see AK-47 most of the day.

I am getting tired actually be alone here.Hopefully could close my project soon. Lim will be back here to continue his project. So at least somebpdy to talk to. I wonder how Asrol survive at Morrocco ,but most girls at Rabat are beutiful.hehe. Serius aku jeles.
Enjoy my picture collection.

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