Amazing Thailand

I did survive for my first international task. Actually it is a very simple task. My boss already mention in email that i could pass my probation period if i bring back all signed document! hehe... my probation period should take about 6 months i guess :P. But my career with this company just start for 3 months. Lucky me i guess. I dont mind if he dont make me pass , to me that only a morale support.

On my last weekend at Bangkok, i try to find travel agent so i could plan my real vacation. i found a homepage of Bangkok's Smiling Tour, really simple one.Click here. The best thing was, you could combine some of the trip. Please refer to the homepage.They will find you an agent and also will put u in a group of 12. Which enough for 1 big van. I tried to call at about 11 pm and i make my reservation which is next morning. And i got one slot which is join with other groups of 12 including me. Alhamdulillah.

My choise of travel? I only book for half day travel which cost me 700+100bath. That 100 because my hotellocation is a bit far other participant. Only for floating market. Its is wonderful trip which i really recommand to all. But travel start at 6 am. Make sure you wakeup early. We arrived at about 9 am.

Our location was Damnoen Saduak floating market. You will get a trip in James Bond Boat. And go along the canal. After that travel in the floating market. It cost another 150 bath to feel experience in the sampan through the floating market. May be it waste ur money if you bring ur kid. But for me, it is good experience. Then you will have time until 1030am to discover your floating market. But if you would like to go for Elephant ride. You have to meet the agent at 10am. Honestly i not interested for a ride with elephant.

Then the agent will 'park' you at Cobra Park. Which is not in the list, but they try for some luck to get some money from you. Its ok, just sit and get some drink. I suppose to go back to Bangkok after that , but i ask the agent about the price if i would like to join another group for other place. Yup addup another 400bath with lunch.Of course halal one. Most of the group go for Crocodile Farm and Elephant Ground. But i book for trip to Rose Garden, which is park of thai village, and they also perfome show of thai dance , boxing, wedding and elephant show.So the agent send me to Rose Garden while the rest of the group enjoy their moment at Croc and Elephant Ground. The show at Rose garden is really entertain, and i fully recommand for ur choise. Even the rest of the group join me after finished their trip at crocodile and elephant place.

And our journey back arrived at my hotel at about 530pm. Why you should go by those travel agent? Because they know when is the important show that you should not miss them. Believe me ,you wont regret. And it also give you oppurtunity to know some international friend.


nurminah said...

bestnyer adun..dpt keje yg byk jalan2 ni..sambil2 keje..sambil makan angin..*jeles*