Smell differently here .Current project will be here.Because of my own lembabdity, i not planned my trip well. Please put this in list on next trip, if rezeki still therelah,
2.Foreign cash,2 or a day ahead.
3.Winter cloth if needed
4.Power adapter
5.Ask hotel to provide taxi ,in case u would.
Not first trip , but always last minutes preparation.Padan muka again to me.

Arrived here on my birthday.Great.My first birthday out side Malaysia.Few people wished me.Na,sisters,parent and surprizingly my boss.Yeah the one that angry with me last week.

Smell 'good' here.He he.Their smelllah.I didn't ask Hotel to provide transport from airport. So a lot af ulat try to get me. Buat muka bodo and try to look at taxi counter.But one of the ulat told me that there is prepaid taxi.He suggest me pay at counter and he will bring me to location. OK, fine ,at least got some receipt to claim. But in Hyderabad, all of them was taxi sapu actually.But good way to pay. But i am Okey with it. And this driver bring me to his car. Do you still remember car that they use in Indian movie in 70's 80's? Police,thief,good people,bad people use the same car. Haa, that car lah! Lepas tu kalau ada adegan kejar mengejar ada bunyi "Sreeettt, sreeettt". If i not mistaken, they call it Ambassador. Cool. The driver nama was Farhan. He also mention that he could provided transportation in town if i needed. Take his phone number in case i need him later.

Today is India Republic day, which is refer to National day i guess. A lot of shop closed.Letihnya. I had my birthday dinner at Pizza Hut.Alone. After finished dinner, i try to walk around, and incidently try to talk a local asking where could i get sandal. When i told him that i am from Malaysia, suddenly he say "Apa kabar?" His name was Sanjay.He just come back from Bintulu 2 months back. Working in oil and gas field.2 years in Malaysia. Been to Sabah,Sarawak, Terengganu,Melaka. We walking and talking about Malaysian,career thing and others. After this he will go to Middle East for the next project. Now he was on leave back to his hometown here while waiting to get his visa approval. Memang kebetulan kan? Tengok mamat nih ,sempoi jek.

Anyway i still planning what i am going to do tomorrow.Sleep?


nurminah said...

happy belated birthday adun..aku tau bulan january tapi x ingat tarikh yg betul..
yg aku igt..ko bulan 1, aku bulan 2, mior bulan 3, huda bulan 4..

Anonymous said...

selamat ingat besday abg zu.
xmcm atas ni,hehe..
cuma lmbt bbrp detik aje.
happy birtday bro..
bw blk capati nnt k.


JBM8141 said...

oi ko tua sehari dari aku la...

nadya.s said...

salam adun,

ko tak kenal aku kot..aku kawan apza dgn mior. osmet gebu. tapi aku suka baca blog kau, addicted dgn cerita pakistan. ( maca baca cerita balik kampung atuk aku je..) looking fwd for more india posting.

happy belated birthday!~ be safe in india. jalan2 kalu, jgn pegang dinding/wall kt tepi jalan aatu apa2 wall la kat india.. depa suka pancut kencing kt dinding.


Adun Karamba said...

-tq minah,tq bad, tq geng kawan2 kompeni lama aku, tq family.

-bad, lu tahun lain a,lagi tua aa..ko anak ramai dah

-nadya,thank singgah, aku ada gak baca blog ko, tapi silent reader je a.suke tgk gambo.ppasal kencing a. kat india ramai kencing berdiri.kat pakistan lak ramai kencing duduk, beza islam hindu kot, tapi mmg hancing a jalan diorg.

hi all,aku terlupa bawak charger camera, so harap2 bateri nih boleh tahan until friday lah.amin

Anonymous said...

Aku rasa, blog ni amat bagus sekali. AKu addicted. Gaya penulisan ko pun best. Sempoi & selamba.

Aku suka baca blog2 org tuk dijadikan pengajaran & lesson.

Mesti best dapat selalu pi negara org.

Teruskan perjuangan, sbb kadang2 blog ko jadi inspirasi & motivasi kepada org lain.