Time To Move On Again

Yeah , it happen again. After 4 years working at Damansara Uptown Office, i had decided to try another oppurtunity. Be honest, it have risk. But when there is a risk , there is reward too. This time ,the reward is not totally on money. It was for my survival on my next jump too. It also provide me a crucial benefit that i need for something in making this year. I really hope it could give me another kind of experience that i could use it in future.

This time , i try to be an oppurtunies person while i have some value to certain people. I really enjoy working at Damansara Uptown. That company give alot of international experience and friends to me. It had bring me to a level that i never expected before. It also teach me how we are jump from one fire to another fire. It will never end. Face it, it might not solved, some of them are the reason why they hired you. Some of the fire that you deal with is reason why your position still there and why your company keep paying your salary.

Maybe to some people ,my experience at Damansara Uptown is nothing, but i really apprieciate what i had went through in all places i been , all people that i deal with, all techinical skill that i learned, all weird experience, all event that make me glad that i was there and the most important was, i still survive. I should be glad because not all people go through this kind of life. After all, i had push my self that far and i will be remember that for the whole of my life. Thanks God. :)